If your vehicle’s windshield is cracked, chipped, or shattered during a collision, repairing or replacing the damage is vital for the safety of you and your passengers. Collision King has technology and processes that allow us to repair your windshield to factory specifications.

Windshield Repair & Replacement

windshield-repair-and-replacementA windshield does much more than block wind and bugs from entering the vehicle; in fact, it is a primary support for the roof of the car, designed to prevent it from caving in on itself should a roll-over accident occurs. Experts in the industry have estimated that a properly installed, new windshield provides up to 70 percent of the support and integrity when it comes to a roll-over accident.

When a windshield gets cracks, chips or pits, it not only makes it dangerous by impairing the view of the road ahead by reflecting sunlight, but it is dangerous in other ways. Just a tiny chip can turn into a complete crossover crack in a matter of hours.

There exist a number of reasons why a windshield becomes chipped or cracked over time. One major reason is due to an old blemish that was never repaired. Additionally, this can be due to the pressure of hot and cold weather, causing the otherwise minor chip to turn into a huge crack seemingly out of nowhere. Other reasons like vandalism or harsh hail weather could be to blame as well.

A windshield that is cracked exposes the laminate that is designed to hold together the different layers of the glass that make up the auto glass, which results in something dangerous called delamination. Delamination reduces the stability of the structure, and it is very dangerous to drive a vehicle in this condition.

It is important to regularly inspect the windshield for damage. If you notice damage, having windshield repair conducted as soon as possible can prevent the need for a total windshield replacement in the future.

Windshield Replacement Process

auto-glass-repairIn most windshield replacement cases, protective drapes are hung throughout the interior of the vehicle to prevent glass dust from entering the ducts and the rest of the interior. After this, the cowl, the molding and the wipers are carefully removed from the vehicle. Depending on whether or not the new windshield comes with a rear view mirror, the old one may be removed and attached to the new windshield.

The old windshield is completely removed, and the adhesive may also be removed depending on the state of the vehicle. New adhesive may then be applied to the glass by way of a single use primer pad, which will guarantee that the seal is reliable and solid. The vehicle frame will receive a coating of a urethane adhesive before the new windshield is carefully placed into its new position, and the wipers, molding and cowl are replaced.

In most cases, the vehicle should be safe to drive again in just a short hour.

Repair Your Auto Glass

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