Automobile accidents may require both frame repairs and structural realignments. Collision King has structural repair equipment and certified processes that can return your vehicle to its original manufacturing specifications.

Auto Frame Repair at Collision King

auto-frame-repairOften a vehicle’s frame and suspension absorb the impact from a crash, which affects the vehicle’s safety.

Collision King realizes that the vehicle’s performance, stability and integrity are all critical. This is why we provide I-CAR Gold certified technicians to deliver nothing less than quality auto frame and body repairs. The safety of your family deserves nothing less.

Collision King is proud to provide:

  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced I-CAR Gold certified owner-technician
  • Accomplished I-CAR Gold trained and ASE certified auto frame repair technicians
  • Modern auto body shop with state-of-the-art car frame repair machines

Types of Vehicle Frames

vehicle-frame-repairThere are two basic types of frame design: unibody and body-on-frame.

During the first half of the 20th century, vehicles obviously weren’t designed as they are today. Back then, the vehicle’s body was separate from the chassis.

Fast forward to today, manufacturers ensure vehicles are structurally stronger due to the use of unibody frames. Unibody construction means the frame and body of the vehicle are one piece. This means a smoother ride, better fuel economy and improved handling capabilities.

Auto Frame Repair Process

The process of auto frame repair depends on the type of the frame and the extent of the damage.

An auto frame repair machine has a large platform and a couple of rotatable towers. Clamps are used to bolt a vehicle on the platform, and chains are used to attach the damaged parts to the towers.

In most cases, mechanics use hydraulics and torque to straighten the frame. These machines are very useful for pulling and pushing a damaged frame to give it its original shape. For precision, some technicians even use advanced technologies such as a laser measurement system.

After dismantling the vehicle, a technician places the damaged frame on the platform. The frame is bolted down in such a way that it becomes immovable. Determining the areas to be fixed, technicians attach chains to specific points on the frame.

The technician then slowly increases the tension on the chain by operating the hydraulic equipment. When the laser diagnostics provide confirmation of the correct realignment of the frame, the towers are rotated and the chains are attached to other areas of the frame that need to be straightened. The process continues until the entire frame has returned to factory specifications.

A successful auto frame repair requires precise alignment of the frame because improper alignment can lead to other serious issues including faster tire wear, uneven steering, and poor safety.

Frame damage should not be taken lightly. Although many automobile technicians can perform auto frame repair pretty well, accurate straightening and repair require modern technology and the expert attention of experienced technicians.

Repair Your Auto Frame

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