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Collisions are common in West Texas, and the consequences can be dangerous. 2021 was one of the deadliest years for Texas drivers, with 4,480 people killed according to TxDOT.

1. Stick to the speed limit

We know that going the speed limit can be annoying, especially if other vehicles are going slow in front of you. However, speeding was one of the main reasons for vehicle accidents, with 167,756 recorded accidents according to TxDOT. You’ll have an easier time stopping your vehicle by maintaining the speed limit.

2. Keep distance between other vehicles

Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles can help prevent collisions. You never know when the driver in front of you will brake, swerve away from an object, or if they may be distracted. Stay safe and keep at least 2-3 seconds distance from other vehicles at all times.

3. Yield!!

A failure to yield can result in a pretty gruesome outcome. OMAG defines a failure to yield as “when a driver does not allow a vehicle with the right-of-way to proceed,” which ultimately can lead to an accident. According to TxDot, failure to yield caused more than 21,000 crashes and up to 200 fatalities in 2021. OMAG lists several ways to yield correctly: allow the intersection to clear, eliminate distractions, and don’t run yellow lights! Remember, stop and pay attention to any approaching vehicles so you don’t end up in an accident.

4. Avoid distractions

Switching music, texting, taking pictures, you name it. They’re all considered distractions to driving and should be avoided at all costs. The CDC states that “over 3,100 people were killed and 424,000 were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2019.” Don’t become a statistic: keep your eyes on the road.

5. Don’t slam your brakes

When slamming your brakes, you can cause the vehicle behind you to run into you, especially if they’re not paying attention. Be alert, and when you approach a stop, slowly ease on your brakes to avoid collisions! However, we understand that not all accidents are preventable so if you find yourself in an accident, follow these tips to stay informed. Additionally, take care of your vehicle and contact Collision King if you have any questions. Our team is always happy to help.