young couple sitting on front passenger seats and driving a car

Summertime is in full swing! Buckle up and stay safe on any upcoming summer vacations by following these important tips to prepare your vehicle.

Bring the Essentials

Having a tire gauge, owner’s manual, carjack, and spare tire are also great to have in case of a flat tire. Be sure to have everything in your vehicle prepped and ready in case of an emergency. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Inflate Your Tires

Tires are essential for a vehicle— they make it functional. Before jetting off for vacation, check your air pressure or any cuts, punctures, or scrapes to reduce the likelihood of having a flat tire.

Refill Wiper Fluid

When cruising down the highway there are bound to be bugs that fly into your windshield, so it’s important to have wiper fluid to wipe them (and other obstructions) away. This ensures that you have the best visibility during your drive.

Replace Windshield Wipers

For windshield wiper fluid to be the most effective, replace your windshield wipers! Broken or damaged windshield wipers are not as effective and can scratch your windshield. Considerable scratches require a windshield replacement since they obstruct your view while driving.

“Recharge” Your Battery

Being stuck on the road is not anyone’s idea of a great road trip. Save yourself the hassle and check your battery health. Replace it if necessary; it will save you the nightmare of being stranded in the heat.

Top Off Your Oil

We have all forgotten to change our oil or even ignored when an oil change was due. However, changing your oil before a road trip will keep the metal pieces in your engine lubricated. Your car will thank you later!

Check your AC

It’s hot out in the summertime. Make sure your AC is working properly so that you’re comfortable during your trip. Nobody’s idea of a good time is being sticky and sweaty from the heat, so stay cool this summer!

Finally, turn up the music, roll down the windows, and bring tons of snacks. Now that you’re well prepared for the road you can fully enjoy your Summer vacation.