While it still is warm outside right now, it is never too early to get your vehicle(s) ready for the fall and winter months! With colder temperatures sure to be around the corner, there will soon be salted streets, icy roads, freezing temperatures, and possibly snow. The first freeze and snow mix along with school cancellations of 2020 were in October! In order to make sure that your vehicle is ready to go for the colder weather, Collision King would like to offer you some tips to ensure your safety on the road!


  • Make sure your battery is charged. You can get a battery check for free at most auto repair shops. If your car battery health is not great, it is a great time to replace your battery before it dies in the cold weather!
  • Replace your windshield wipers. In the cold weather, your wipers work hard to remove condensation from melting snow or ice.
  • Check your tire pressure. Drastic weather changes can cause your tire pressure to change. Your tires can lose air due to air constricting when it is cold. You should also check the tread on your tires to ensure that you have good traction driving in wet or icy conditions.
  • Check your coolant and antifreeze levels.
  • Keep an emergency first-aid kit in your car in case of accidental stranding. This kit should have water, blankets, flares, jumper cables, a flashlight, and basic first aid such as Tylenol, band-aids, and more.
  • Move snow tools such as chains or ice scrapers to your car.
  • Test your lights, including your hazards.
  • Make sure that your heater and defroster work. These are vital for travelling in the cold weather.
  • Test your brakes. In icy or wet weather, brakes have to work harder to help your car stop. 


Collision King Auto Repair Center would like to remind you that winter is just around the corner! Be prepared and ensure that you are going to be safe in the cold weather.