You are sure to have seen the cars with bumper stickers all across town. Maybe you even have one! Some of these are fun ways to show your personality, like if you have run several half marathons or marathons, visited national parks, are a “dog mom”, or are a member of an alumni society. However, did you know that these bumper stickers can also be dangerous? While they are inherently fun and do not directly pose a danger to you, bumper stickers can also give away more information than you would like others to have.

Collision King Auto Repair Center in Lubbock, Texas, would like to remind you to be cautious about the stickers you place on your car! Stickers showing off your running skills or letting others know you support your local dog shelter are probably fine, but others (like the stick figure families or school or gym logos with your child’s name on them) can give away personal information such as where and how you spend most of your time, the size of your family, your child’s gender and name, and where they attend school and the activities they participate in. While you do not want to assume the worst about people, it is important to protect your family and ensure their safety. If you are in doubt about whether or not to put the sticker on your car, it is likely safer to just leave it off! There are many other ways to show your support for your child that do not involve broadcasting their name, activities, and school wherever you drive.

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