During the summer months, the west Texas weather is often even more unpredictable than usual. The wind blows harder, the heat is more oppressive, and storms can pop up quickly. While this may be fine if you are inside your home or somewhere safe, this may not be all that bad, but if you are at work and your car is unprotected from bad weather or you have to drive in it, things can get scary (and dangerous) fast! Collision King Auto Repair Center has a few tips for you and reminders that will keep you safe as we get farther into summer.

  1. Dust storms, fog, and rain can cause lowered visibility, affecting driver capabilities and vehicle performance. Dense fog is one of the more dangerous conditions for the obvious reason of visibility impairing the driver. It’s best to avoid driving in it altogether, but if you must, don’t use your high-beam headlights (reflects light making it harder to see), maintain a good distance between you and the cars in front of you, and use your turn signals to give cars behind you plenty of notice that you are slowing down. 
  2. If you are caught driving in a hailstorm, stop your car in a safe place, put on your hazard lights, and stay away from the windows the best you can.
  3. In West Texas summers, the likelihood that you may get caught in a dust storm increases dramatically. If you are caught in a summer dust storm, your visibility may be greatly affected. Make sure that your headlights and brake lights are working, and pull off the road as safely as possible as soon as possible. 

With the summer season here, storms may be more frequent. Make sure you have good working windshield wipers and brake pads. Also turn on your headlights, and give yourself plenty of time to turn and stop so your car does not hydroplane out of control. When the weather is bad, slow down, do NOT tailgate or drive distracted. Keep you, your family and our community safe.