At long last, Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are rushing about getting holiday shopping done, picking up family members from the airport, visiting loved ones near or far, or simply making a run to the grocery store for something you have forgotten, you are bound to be on the highway sometime before the year is over. More traffic is to be expected during the holiday season than average; weather events such as freezing rain and ice can occur. Regardless of whether you are driving across the state to see family or simply making a trip to pick up that last minute gift, we at Collision King Auto Repair Center remind you to take safety precautions when driving.

  1. Before getting on the highway, you will want to have your vehicle tires checked out for road worthiness. Worn or bald tires can be dangerous. They are not able to grip the road properly or spin out altogether. Bad tires also mean you can’t brake quickly or efficiently. Driving on bad tires can also lead to blow-outs, using fuel faster, and losing control of your vehicle easier.
  2. If the weather is bad and temps are low, you may want to make sure you have an emergency kit should you have to pull over or become stuck. This kit should include blankets, water, flashlight, ice scraper, jumper cables and reflective warning triangles. 
  3. You always need to adjust your speed according to the weather and condition of the roads. When driving in bad weather, slow down and always build in more time to get to and from your destination.
  4. Reminder of what to do if your car begins to slide or skid on snow or ice: remove your foot from the accelerator. Avoid slamming brakes. Steer away from the skid, but do not oversteer. 
  5. Of course, keep your phone down. Please don’t text and drive. We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season.