We are in the middle of July, and temperatures are consistently in the upper 90s or even above 100 degrees. This is the reality of summer in West Texas! It is even more important that you take extra caution to check that a child or pet is never left in the car. Every year, dozens of children and pets die from being left in a car. Sometimes, kids who are playing hide and seek can even find themselves locked or stuck in an unattended vehicle. In just a mere few minutes, with no air is circulating, confined spaces and heat and temperatures rapidly rising, the results of being left unattended in a car can be disastrous, if not catastrophic.  Additionally, turning off the car but leaving windows cracked does not give any significant relief. Remember to check the backseat before you exit your car to make sure you are not accidentally forgetting a child or pet. Please never leave them alone in the car for any reason.


Extreme heat also impacts the pressure in your tires. Similar to how cold air can cause your tire pressure to contract and go down, hot air causes the air in your tires to expand. In general, tire pressure increases around one pound per square inch (PSI) for every additional 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside. If your tires are over expanded too much, your tires could be at risk of early wear, poor handling and traction, excessive bouncing while driving, tires overheating, and blowouts. To avoid this, regularly check your tire pressure, inflate your tires to the recommended PSI by your manufacturer, and do not let air out of your tires.


Since 1998, Collision King is your locally owned and operated I-CAR GOLD certified facility. We want to remind you to be safe this summer!