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Winterize Your Car

It is only the beginning of November, and already, West Texas has seen hard freezes, days that barely get above freezing, and treacherous morning road conditions. Winters on the South Plains can be wet or dry, mild or frigid, bring a foot of snow or no snow at all, and generally be temperamental and unpredictable. Collision King Repair Center in Lubbock, Texas, wants to make sure your car is ready for the colder weather! Whether you’re roadtripping over the holidays or commuting to and from work each day, there are steps you can take to make sure you and your car are prepared for cold days.

Collision King Repair Center recommends you keep these items with you at all times in your car in the event that you break down or become stranded when it is cold outside:

  • Tire pressure gauge
  • A flashlight and extra batteries
  • Utility gloves
  • Multipurpose utility tool
  • Window scraper
  • Blankets
  • Bottled water and nonperishable snacks
  • Small tool kit

No one ever really plans for breaking down or getting stranded in bad weather, but we at Collision King Repair Center believe it is better to be safe than sorry! Though it may seem unlikely or even unthinkable that you would get stranded on the road, if you do, each of these things can help make sure you stay safe until help arrives. These items will help secure your safety if you are to have an unfortunate and untimely breakdown.

Collision King Repair Center has two locations in Lubbock, Texas. We have been voted Best of the West multiple years, most recently in 2019, as well as “Best Auto Body Repair Center in Lubbock” for the past 14 consecutive years. We take pride in offering service that goes above and beyond. We will help you get back on the road as fast as possible!