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Every summer comes with a sense of anticipation that stirs a desire for vacations and other adventures. You may choose a long drive to catch the rays of the sun another state or it could be a picnic with your loved ones around the city. Wherever you choose to drive to this summer, we at Collision King, Lubbock, Texas want you to stay safe.

Our customers are an indispensable part of our existence and success stories. Without them, we will not be in business. Part of the values that has endeared them to us is our sustained efforts at giving them the right advice with professional repairs. We remain unrivaled when customer satisfaction matters most with your auto body repairs.

Our safety tips have continued to save our customers and other drivers from crashes. Everyone wants to share memories of great vacations, picnics, and camping devoid of sad events. That is why it is important that you know some car and travel safety tips that could help you enjoy your travels and relish beautiful memories of great times spent. These safety tips include:

1. Check the car before you embark on your summer drive

Check everything from tires, batteries, the cooling system, transmission systems, fluids, belts, hoses, windscreen wipers, brake lights, headlights, turn signals, emergency flashers to everything that you need to check to ensure a hit-free drive. Be sure your spare tire is well inflated. Have your tools handy too.

2. Don’t text while driving

Aside from being illegal, texting and driving can cause you to lose control and thus plunge yourself and loved ones into fatal accidents. Stay alive. On the alternative, you could use hands-free technology like Bluetooth handsets or other facilities that do not distract your attention while driving.

3. Obey traffic rules

Exciting moments should not be the reason for losing your precious lives or causing others to lose theirs. Obey all traffic laws and rules. Stop when the traffic light shows red. Get set when it shows yellow and go only when it shows green.

Your friends at Collision King wish you safe and happy travels this summer.