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Spring Weather Cautions

Springtime in west Texas is just around the corner. The days are longer, the sun is out more, and warmth is returning to Lubbock and its surrounding areas. While the spring months bring with them more flowers, baseball season, plenty of sunshine, and warmer days, we also know that spring is the storm season on the South Plains. In 2013, weather.com named Lubbock “America’s Toughest Weather City.” The strong winds, brutal hailstorms, and potential for tornadoes and other dangerous storms pushed Lubbock to beat places like freezing Fairbanks, Alaska, and notoriously hot Las Vegas, Nevada. As we enter into storm season, Collision King Auto Repair Center in Lubbock, Texas, has a few ways that you can stay safe while traveling in Lubbock’s unpredictable weather even if it is just from your home to your job.

Lubbock has an average wind speed of 12.4 miles per hour, but gusts are frequently around 20 to 30 miles per hour. These gusts and sustained winds can rip your car door out of your hand when you open it to get in or out, and if you are parked next to someone, it can cause damage to your car or theirs in the event of a collision. If you are not parked next to someone and the wind takes your door out of your hand, it can be pulled back to the warping hinges. To prevent repairs to your car or someone else’s down the road, exercise extreme caution when opening your car door. You should also stay alert and off your phone while driving in any weather, but especially inclement weather. Paying attention and slowing down when the wind is blowing can help you miss debris that may be blowing across the road or avoid an accident if visibility is poor.

While we never want anyone to sustain damage to their vehicle due to weather, Collision King Auto Repair Center in Lubbock, Texas, is here to help. Bring your car to us for any of your repair needs, whether from the wind, hail, or any other unfortunate event! We are ready to serve you.