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Safe Driving in Cold Weather

It may be February, but it feels like winter has finally begun in Lubbock! With several rounds of light snow already passed and more cold weather on the way, it is important that you are practicing safe driving on roads that may be wet, snowy, or icy. Roads can be slick with frozen rain or black ice that is all but impossible to spot until you are sliding on its patches, and drivers should be prepared for whatever the unpredictable West Texas weather throws at us from now until spring arrives. Collision King Repair Center has some tips for driving in bad weather that will help keep you safe on roads that are potentially dangerous.

If you are driving on roads that may be icy following rain or snow, slow down. Reduce your speed around 10 miles per hour as you drive, and if that still feels fast or too slick, slow down another five miles per hour until you feel comfortable with your speed. Beware of black ice, which is hard to see. You can spot black ice when your headlights are reflected off the road in darker lighting. Black ice tends to form on bridges and overpasses, at intersections, and beneath underpasses where the sun cannot quite reach to melt. Do not tailgate in bad weather. You should leave more room than normal between yourself and the car ahead of you in case of slick roads or if the car in front of you has to brake suddenly.

It is also important to check your car before traveling in colder weather. Animals such as cats often climb up into the engine of your car if both are outside. They are searching for warmth and shelter from the cold or wet weather! Before you start your car, check to make sure that any pets or stray cats are not in your engine.

We hope that you stay safe on the roads this winter, but in the event that your car needs repairs, contact Collision King for your repair! We are happy to serve the Lubbock, Texas, area.